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What you need to know about Webbing Sling


by Iris Qiu on 2022-08-25

What is Webbing Sling


A webbing sling is a type of lifting sling made from woven fabric, such as polyester or nylon. The sling is looped around the object to be lifted, and the ends are joined together using a knot or other method of fastening. A webbing sling is strong and durable, and can be used for a variety of lifting applications.


What is webbing sling used for


A webbing sling is a device used for lifting and moving loads. It consists of a length of webbing (synthetic fabric) with loops at each end. The load is attached to the loops and the sling is then placed around the object to be lifted. Webbing slings are strong and durable, making them ideal for use in construction, engineering and other heavy industries.


What are the application areas of Webbing Sling


Webbing slings are commonly used for lifting or securing objects in a variety of industries, including construction, shipping and automotive. They are made from strong webbing material, which can be synthetic or natural, and have loops or eyes at each end for attaching to a crane, hoist or other lifting device. Webbing slings are available in a range of sizes and capacities, and can be used for single or multiple object lifts.


Features and Disadvantages of Webbing Sling


A webbing sling is a length of webbing with sewn eyelets at each end. It is used for carrying loads and is an essential piece of equipment for many outdoor activities such as hill walking, mountaineering, climbing and caving. Webbing slings are also used in industrial applications for lifting and shifting loads.


Webbing slings are strong, lightweight and versatile. They can be used to make a variety of different knots which can be adjusted to create different sizes of loops. The most common knots used with webbing slings are the water knot and the double fisherman's knot.


Webbing slings have a number of disadvantages compared to other types of sling. They are not as strong as wire rope slings and can be damaged by sharp edges. They are also more difficult to inspect for damage than other types of sling.


The difference between Webbing Sling and Sling


Webbing slings are made of woven polyester or nylon and have sewn eye loops at each end. They are colour-coded according to their lifting capacity and have a label showing the safe working load (SWL). Webbing slings are available in a range of lengths and widths.


Sling belts are made of a continuous loop of high-strength webbing with a wear-resistant sleeve on one side. The other side has a sewn eye loop for attaching to a lifting device. Sling belts are colour-coded according to their lifting capacity and have a label showing the safe working load (SWL). Sling belts are available in a range of lengths and widths.


About Webbing Sling manufacturer


Fuzhou Enchain Webbing Co., Ltd


We are is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Lifting sling, Webbing Sling, Endless Sling , Recovery/Tow straps, Ratchet strap,Ratchet tie down strap Winch strap & Cargo control products in China. Our products fully meet the European EN 1492-1, EN 1492-2, EN12195-2, EN 354, EN 355, EN 361 standards, the ministry JB/T8521 standards, Aus1353.1, AUS4497.1 standards and the United States ASMEB 30.9 standards. At the same time the product obtained from the TUV (Rhein) company CE and GS certification. The quality of the products is absolutely guaranteed. The advantage of ENCHAIN is one-step service for product quality ,price, after-sales service and timely delivery time. The principle of ENCHAIN : QUALITY IS OUR CULTURE! we want to cooperate with customers around the world and get goal of win-win, common development and creating a future. 

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