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Polyester Webbing


Polyester webbing is widely used in the transportation industry for products such as tie-downs Straps and ratchet straps, due to its low elongation properties. Polyester webbing is available is fewer custom colors than nylon or polypro, as the thermosol dyeing process is difficult and requires a minimums.

Polyester Webbing

Polyester webbing has natural UV inhibitors offering UV protection comparable to polypro webbing. Polyester webbing offers high strength and good impact resistance, heat and corrosion resistance, and acid resistant.


Difference Between Nylon Webbing And Polyester Webbing



Nylon webbing is typically a very strong type of webbing, and is usually colored very brightly. It will, however, lose color if left in the sun too long. Very old nylon webbing may appear to be dull, patchy, or pale looking in color. Polyester webbing color is typically much lighter. A colorfast polyester webbing will not bleed color.And is typically used in the food industry, with medical equipment, and also many children's products. 



Polyester and nylon webbing are typically very strong. Polypropylene webbing, on the other hand, is not as strong. Polypropylene will float in water, however, and is great to use as a tie down, such as batteries, as it withstands battery acid very well.  Polyester webbing as a lower breaking point when compared to nylon webbing of the same type. Nylon webbing is much weaker when it is wet, however. Nylon webbing will stretch while it is damp or wet. Polyester webbing can be wet and still be a very strong webbing. 



Polyester, nylon, and polypropylene webbing are all very durable webbing materials. Nylon webbing is especially known for its durability and strength. This type of webbing is most commonly used in making dog leashes, safety belts, luggage straps, and many sports products. Polyester webbing are very similar to nylon webbing, but are much lighter and less expensive. It is much easier to sew because it is lighter. This type of webbing is most commonly found on dog leashes, backpacks, and handbags.


Common Uses

Nylon webbing is a very durable and strong material that is used in a wide variety of different products. Racecar drivers use this type of webbing for seat belts. Military personnel use this type of webbing in their backpacks. This webbing material is also used in outdoor furniture seat suspension. It is also used in dog leashes and dog collars. Nylon webbing is also used in child safety seats as the harness.  Polyester webbing are typically used for the same types of products. The most common product this type of webbing is used for is seat belts. It is also used in backpacks and lawn chairs. Rock climbers mainly use polyester webbing because it has much less stretch than polypropylene webbing.

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