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Cam Buckle


Using a cam buckle is an alternative to using a ratchet strap. Cam buckles are specifically designed with a smaller application in mind, and for securing goods which are more fragile. Because it is only possible to tighten a cam buckle as much as your strength allows, there is less risk of damaging the goods due to over tightening.


Heavy duty cam buckles are made from hard wearing polyester webbing, and are ideal for securing cargo on to a pallet, trailer or truck bed. They can also be used around the home, shop, garage, farm, and so forth.

Cam Buckle


Like Ratchet Straps, cam buckle straps are great for securing a load. But the method of tightening with a cam buckle strap makes it less likely that you’ll over-tighten and damage cargo. Cam buckles are tightened by pulling the strap rather than with a ratcheting action, so the strap can be tensioned only as tight as your strength allows. Cam straps are ideal for securing cargo on a pallet, trailer, or in a truck, but they’re also a great all-purpose strap for use around the home, shop, garage, farm, etc. An endless cam buckle strap is a one-piece design so it's easy to use and to store. 


How to use a cam buckle


Anchor the ends of the straps or if using an endless cam buckle, wrap the length of webbing around the item to be secured. Holding the webbing in one hand and the buckle in the other, depress the level on the buckle with your thumb and thread the webbing up through the slot in the bottom of the buckle.


Pull the webbing through the buckle while holding the thumb lever down. To tension, release the lever and pull the webbing until the slack is removed. If securing boxes or other cargo that could be damaged, corner protectors are available. Once secure, ensure any loose webbing is out of the way to prevent whipping during transport and to reduce the risk of a trip or the webbing becoming caught in a moving part.


If using the cam buckle for tying down cargo in the back of a truck or on a trailer, check all the tie downs are secure before moving off and then check again after driving 20 to 30 miles to make sure that no loosening has occured.


If using the cam buckle to secure cargo onto a pallet, be sure to pass the webbing through the body of the pallet from side to side so it is not damaged by the fork lift truck when lifting the pallet. Ensure the buckle is on top of the item, rather than at the side, because it needs to be on a flat surface to achieve the desired tension.


To loosen the cam buckle and release the load, depress the thumb lever and pull the webbing back through the buckle.


It is important that you follow these cam buckle instructions to ensure your load is secured safely and effectively.



To Tighten:


When the end fittings of the Cam Buckle assembly are properly in place, push and apply pressure to the area on the Cam Buckle printed, "PRESS". Pull webbing slack through the buckle. Tighten the strap by pulling the webbing through the Cam Buckle until desired tension is complete. By releasing pressure from the area marked "PRESS", the Cam Buckle Assembly will be locked in place.


To Release:


To release, apply pressure to the area on the Cam Buckle printed, "PRESS", and pull the webbing away from the Cam Buckle.

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