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Ratchet Buckle


Ratchet Buckles


When getting your load tightly into place is of the utmost importance, make sure you have some ratchet buckles on hand. This type of metal buckle hardware is considered one of the safest since it allows you to create a stronger hold that most other types of buckles. The ratcheting effect is particularly helpful when you don't want to rely on your own strength to pull the strapping tight onto the load you are transporting or storing. In addition, it helps when you're in tight quarters and it would otherwise be impossible to pull the strapping as tightly as you need to due to a lack of leverage.

Ratchet Buckle


Applications of Ratchet Buckles


Ratchet buckles are used in a wide variety of common and not-so-common applications. Frequently, they are utilized for contractor straps, usually with either polyester or nylon webbing, to lift and transport tools and supplies. Other common uses include boating, logging, cargo trucks and camping. You can pretty much use ratchet buckles for any type of heavy gear or equipment since they're built to be rugged while offering a super-snug tie-down.


At Enchainine, you'll find a variety of ratchet buckles available. You can opt for a very simple metal ratchet in black or go with a stainless steel ratchet buckle for extra corrosion resistance. You'll also find padded ratchet buckles with black or red tips, each of which make it a little more comfortable when cinching loads tightly while also making the buckles more visible. With so many varieties and styles from which to choose, it shouldn't be difficult to find a buckle that's a perfect fit for the straps you have in mind.



To Tighten:


When the end fitting of the ratchet are properly in place, pull the webbing slack through the slot in the ratchet mandrel. Tighten the strap by ratcheting the handle up and down until secure. A minimum of two turns of webbing should be around the mandrel after tensioning. To secure the ratchet in a lock position, pull the handle down against the frame.


To Release:


To release, pull back on latch lock handle and rotate the handle approximately 180 degrees. At this point, the web will easily slip out of the ratchet.


WARNING: The use of cheater bars or other means of increasing the leverage on a ratchet buckle handle, other than a Multiprens USA approved device, can cause serious injury to the user and/or bystanders. All Flat Hooks and Flat D-Rings have a defender clip to prevent cutting of the web. Cut, worn or damaged strap assemblies should be immediately replaced. The strength of strap assemblies is rated at its weakest point.

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