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Enchain manufactures CUSTOM Cargo Nets to meet the needs of the Heavy Duty Trucking Industry. Cargo nets restrain more freight and give extra support to keep your load in place. Cargo Nets are assembled with either Ratchets or Cam Buckles and any selection of end fittings. Cargo Nets are individually designed for particular applications and provide the highest efficiency in transporting your load securely. Contact Enchain USA customer service or an authorized Enchain USA dealer for your CUSTOM Cargo Net requirements.


Cargo net

A cargo net made of rope fibers that can be lifted by a lifting device for the transport of small cargo.The material of the hanging net can be made of synthetic plastic fibers such as high-strength polyester fibers or PP fibers.

Cargo net


The cargo hoisting net made of plastic fibers is relatively dense and can be used to hoist some small but not heavy goods.The cargo hoisting net sewn with high-strength polyester ribbon has relatively large mesh holes and can carry some small and medium-sized workpieces.


Application of Cargo Nets

Cargo nets were originally designed to manage huge, heavy shipping loads, quickly and efficiently. Cargo nets allowed very large loads to be moved by crane to the wharf, with minimal handling, less risk, and much better loading and unloading times.


The same principles apply to modern cargo nets for road transport. You can get cargo nets for your Ute, a cargo net for your roof rack, and more. These tough, dependable nets can be adapted to any type of working environment, from special loads to daily jobs and more.


Not too surprisingly, Australian tradespeople, notably in the construction industry, have been quick to pick up on the very high values of cargo nets. If you’re seeing a lot of utes on the road using nets lately, it’s no coincidence. When you’re moving a lot of diversified gear, you want everything to arrive in good working order.


Cargo nets also reduce wear and tear on tarpaulins. The fact is that even a good tarp can’t be expected to survive much bumping around from heavy equipment for long. They can get cut to shreds, and worse, the load can move, too, causing more chaos. Cargo nets pin down the load and create a buffer between the load and the tarp.



Onsite, cargo nets can be removed in seconds and your load is ready to use. No more digging around in the truck or the ute tray looking for things; everything will be where you put it. Also very much to the point – No more wondering how your gear got scrambled on the road and what to do about it, either.


The carrying capacity is due to the non-metallic cargo hoisting net.Crane network is generally used for lifting non-standard workpieces, especially for products with special shape and material.

The production requirements are usually customized according to therequirements of users.


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