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4'' Winch strap W/Twisted Loop
4'' Winch strap W/Twisted Loop
4'' Winch strap W/Twisted Loop

4'' Winch strap W/Twisted Loop

Product code: WS4-TL

Breaking stength: 15000lbs/6818kg

Working load limit: 5000lbs/2272kg

Color: Yellow

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4'' Winch Strap With Twisted Loop


4'' Winch strap W/Twisted Loop


Choosing the right winch strap for your needs can be a daunting task. There are so many different types of straps that it can be hard to know which one is perfect for your project. One type of strap that is often overlooked is the 4" Winch Strap with Twisted Loop. This type of strap offers an easy solution for securely holding heavy items in place and can be especially useful when moving items from one location to another.


Durable Construction: This 4'' Winch Strap With Twisted Loop is made of heavy-duty polyester webbing that is designed to last for many years. The strap is reinforced with double stitching, ensuring a secure hold and making it ideal for rugged use in the toughest conditions.

Secure Fastening: The winch strap features a twisted loop on one end that allows it to securely fasten to your vehicle while the other end comes with a flat hook that easily connects to your trailer or other pieces of equipment.

Easy Handling: This 4'' winch strap offers reliable performance without sacrificing ease of use. It comes with a handle for easy carrying and the twist loop helps make installation quick and painless.

Versatile Design: Whether you're hauling boats, trailers, ATVs or any other type of load, this winch strap can handle it all. The adjustable length makes it easy to fit multiple sizes, while the buckle ensures that everything stays securely in place during transport.

Reliable Performance: Count on this 4'' winch strap with twisted loop to do its job when you need it most. It is designed to be resistant to wear and tear while providing maximum strength so you can always depend on it when hauling your cargo safely and efficiently.

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