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16400lbs 3 Inch Truck And Boat Winch strap With Double J Hook
3 Inch Winch Straps
3 Inch Winch Straps

16400lbs 3 Inch Truck And Boat Winch strap With Double J Hook

Size 3 inch x 27 feet
Wide 3 inch
Length 27 ft And Customized
Color Blue
Material 100%high tenacity polyester yarn
Vehicle Service Type Truck/Trailer/Boat/Semi Trailer/Cargo/Boat Trailer
Tensile Strength 16400lbs
Hook Type Double J Hook
Keywords Heavy duty strap


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16400lbs 3 Inch Truck And Boat Winch strap With Double J Hook


Products Description OF 3 Inch Winch Straps

  Place of Origin
  Material   100%high tenacity polyester yarn
  Webbing Breaking Strength   7,360 kgs/16,200 lbs
  Working Load Limit   2,455 kgs/5,400 lbs
  Color   Yellow/blue/ Red
  Packing   Carton or polybag
  Warranty   3 years



Customized service 

1.Safety factor: 5:1 is the minimum safety factor of round sling, 6;1 7;1 8;1 are available according to your requirement .

2.Label : Clearly print WLL and Length on surface of sling 

3.Logo printing: Customized Logo printing on the tape available once your order qty more than 100pcs



*For small order quantity,we can send them to you by express delivery,TNT,DHL,UPS OR EMS etc.

*For big order quantity,we will advise you to use Air Shipping or Sea Shipping through your nominated forwarder agent or long-term cooperated agent

*Freight collect if bulk shipment


Features of 3 inch winch strap


This 3 inch winch strap is the perfect way to secure your boat, trailer, or truck. The heavy-duty polyester webbing is designed to withstand extensive abrasion testing, providing maximum wear and weather resistance. The webbing also features a 25-percent stretch - elasticity to aid in recovery - and a sewn-in tie cord for added strength. This strap also comes with an Abrasion Clip installed on the hook to help protect against wear and tear. Additionally, the steel snap hook has an impressive 8000 lb. rating, and comes with a stainless steel spring for extra protection. This winch strap also features a 5,000 lb. rating and includes a replacement bolt & nut for the winch. With its loop end design, this winch strap is sure to keep whatever you are securing safe and secure.


About the working load limit of 3 inch winch strap


3 inch winch straps can provide the ideal solution for anyone looking to tie down large equipment. Many 3 inch winch straps are capable of working load limits of 3,335 pounds, making them considerably stronger than other alternatives such as traditional rope or bungee cords.

This makes 3 inch winch straps ideal for bundling and transporting heavy items, like furniture or construction materials. For those in need of something even stronger, 3 inch winch straps come in a variety of sizes and weight capacities so you can choose the exact size needed for the job.


Advantages of 3 Inch Winch Straps


Durable Strength: Our 3 inch winch straps are crafted from heavy duty webbing and feature reinforced stitching for superior strength and durability. The weather-resistant material ensures a secure grip even in wet conditions, providing peace of mind when carrying heavy cargo.

Adjustable Length: With adjustable buckles, these 3 inch winch straps make it easy to customize the length for an exact fit every time. The adjustable lengths provide maximum flexibility when securing items of various sizes.

Secure Fastening: These 3 inch winch straps feature a ratchet buckle with a secure locking mechanism that prevents accidental loosening or release of your cargo. This eliminates any worries about securing items while on the road or in rough terrain.

Easy Installation: Installation is quick and easy with our 3 inch winch straps. Simply wrap the strap around your cargo and fasten the buckle to complete installation without tools or complicated instructions.


Versatile Use: Our 3 inch winch straps are designed for use with ATVs, UTVs, trailers, boats, trucks and more. They can be used indoors or outdoors for a wide range of applications, from recreational activities to professional tasks.

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