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4'' Winch strap W/Chain Anchor
4'' Winch strap W/Chain Anchor
4'' Winch strap W/Chain Anchor

4'' Winch strap W/Chain Anchor

Product code: WS4-CHA

Breaking stength: 15000lbs/6818kg

Working load limit: 5000lbs/2272kg

Color: Yellow

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4'' Winch Straps With Chain Anchors - Enchain


4'' Winch strap W/Chain Anchor


Heavy-duty cargo securement jobs are no match against the webbing and hardware of Ancra’s durable 4-in. winch strap with flat hook with a working load limit of 5000lbs. With this winch strap, you’ll be able to control the heavy-duty loads easily and much more efficiently.


In order to help prevent the flat hook from rubbing the webbing raw, we’ve installed a special aluminum edge guard in the webbing slot. This round piece of metal effectively defends the strap and prevents the hook from constantly rubbing against it. This can help keep your strap and your hook in better shape. The flat hook is also a versatile end fitting that can easily hook onto your vehicle’s stake pockets and side rails.


Our strap is engineered to meet or exceed WSTDA T-1 Recommended Standard Specifications.


Custom lengths and webbing configurations are available, and custom lengths and end hardware are quoted upon request.

Address: Jinghai Industrial Park, Guantou Town, Lianjiang County, Fuzhou, Fujian, China 350500


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