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4 inch ratchet strap
4 inch ratchet strap
4 inch ratchet strap
4 inch ratchet strap
4 inch ratchet strap

4 inch ratchet strap


Material 100% Polyester+ss Hooks+ss Ratchet
Color Purple
Vehicle Service Type Motorcycle/car/truck/trailer/boat/dirt bike/e track/Jeep/Cargo
Size 1.5 inch x 10 ft
Length 10 feet/3m
Width 1.5 inch/38mm
Breaking Strength 11000-lbs/5T
Hook Type Double-J Hook
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4 inch ratchet strap



  Model   Width(mm)   L  C(kg)   MBS(kg)   Webbing B/S(kg)   Length
  ECRTD35-150   35   1500   3000   3750   Any


Products Description

  Size   2 inch
  Capacity   5T
  Place of Origin
  Product Name
  Ratchet lashing strap
  100% Polyester+Metal Hooks+Ratchet
  Application   Cargo transportation
  Color   Yellow/red/blue/orange or customized
  Working Temp
  From -40C to 100C


EN Ratchet Strap

Ratchet tie down straps plays a role in fixed function when it is used in freight, remove, shipment or storage, it has such performances as fastening, safety, lightness, convenience and easiness to operate, and protection of bodies from damage.

It can be fit for all manners of environment as different hooks.

Material :Polyester

Standard: EN12195-2:2008

Safety Factor: 2:1

Length : as required

Colour : any colour

Temperatrue Range for Storage and Usage of   PES   RTD:-40℃~100℃



1.Do not use the ratchet strap for lifting.

2.Do not use the damaged Ratchet strap.

3. Do not use overload.

4.Do not use the webbing knot.

5.Do not wring or twist the ratchet strap.

6. Keep the webbing away from sharp or abrasive edges

7.Periodic Inspect the ratchet strap to ensure the be-down or webbing in good condition, or replace the ratchet strap at once.


What are the characteristics of 4 inch ratchet strap


A 4 inch ratchet strap is a great choice for light to medium loads. This smaller size allows for more flexibility when securing smaller items or wrapping around tight corners. The heavy duty polyester webbing offers up to 3,000 lbs of breaking strength and 1,000 lbs of working load limit (WLL).


Each 4 inch ratchet strap comes with a fixed end with S-hooks on each end and an adjustable end that features an ergonomic handle for easy tensioning and release. The heavy duty steel ratchets have zinc plating to help ensure long-term durability in any weather condition. Each also includes a vinyl coated S-hook at the end of the adjustable side to help protect your cargo from damage during transport.


Is the 4 inch ratchet strap reliable


The 4 inch ratchet strap is one of the most reliable and popular ratchet straps on the market. It's designed to deliver superior performance and strength, while still being lightweight and easy to use. The 4 inch ratchet strap is perfect for any application that requires a secure, tight tie down.


This ratchet strap features strong webbing that can handle high loads with ease. The webbing is made from a durable nylon material, which ensures maximum strength even under high tension. The buckles are made from heavy duty steel, providing an extra layer of protection against wear and tear.


The 4 inch ratchet strap also comes with an adjustable tension lock, allowing you to easily adjust the tightness of the strap to your desired level. This makes it ideal for securely tying down items of various sizes and weights without having to worry about over tightening or loosening them.



Overall, the 4 inch ratchet strap is a highly reliable product that will serve as an invaluable tool for any transportation or packaging job you may have in mind!



When looking for a secure tie down solution, look no further than 4 inch ratchet straps! With their strength, versatility, ease of use and weatherproof design, these straps can provide you with.


*For small order quantity,we can send them to you by express delivery,TNT,DHL,UPS OR EMS etc.

*For big order quantity,we will advise you to use Air Shipping or Sea Shipping through your nominated forwarder agent or long-term cooperated agent

*Freight collect if bulk shipment



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