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4 inch straps for flatbed
4 inch straps for flatbed
4 inch straps for flatbed
4 inch straps for flatbed
4 inch straps for flatbed
4 inch straps for flatbed
4 inch straps for flatbed
4 inch straps for flatbed
4 inch straps for flatbed
4 inch straps for flatbed
4 inch straps for flatbed

4 inch straps for flatbed


Material Polyester,PES


Vehicle Service Type Motorcycle/car/truck/trailer/boat/dirt bike/jeep
Size 3 inch x 27 ft
Length 27 feet
Width 3 inch/75 mm
Breaking Strength 16200-lbs
Hook Type Wire Hook
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4 inch straps for flatbed



Products Description

  Place of origin
  Length   27'
  Size   3'X27'
  End fitting   Wire hook
  BS   16200lbs
  Belt material   PES, polyester
  Product name
  Ratchet strap
  Packing   Carton
  Color   Yellow
  Working temp
  From -40C to 100C



FUZHOU ENCHAIN WEBBING CO.,LTD 2'',3'',4'' Ratchet tie down straps suitable for North American market,our ratche tie down  are made of durable resin-coated,UV-resistant polyester webbing strap,and various heavy duty corrosion resistant ratchet buckle and end fittings .



We also produce one piece (endless) assembly for use without end fittings.The tie down strap can be stenciled with customer's company name or logo,and the color,length,width etc can be made to client's special requirements.



1.Do not use the ratchet strap for lifting.

2.Do not use the damaged Ratchet strap.

3. Do not use overload.

4.Do not use the webbing knot.

5.Do not wring or twist the ratchet strap.

6. Keep the webbing away from sharp or abrasive edges

7.Periodic Inspect the ratchet strap to ensure the be-down or webbing in good condition, or replace the ratchet strap at once.


*For small order quantity,we can send them to you by express delivery,TNT,DHL,UPS OR EMS etc.

*For big order quantity,we will advise you to use Air Shipping or Sea Shipping through your nominated forwarder agent or long-term cooperated agent

*Freight collect if bulk shipment


Uses of 4 inch straps for flatbed


Flatbeds are often used to transport heavy loads and materials, and 4 inch straps can be a great way to secure them. With the right tools and know-how, you can easily install 4 inch straps for flatbed applications in your truck or trailer. Here are some of the benefits of using 4 inch straps for flatbeds:


1. Enhanced Stability – 4 inch straps offer superior stability when compared to other strap sizes, allowing you to keep your load securely in place during transport.


2. Improved Load Security – The tight fit of 4 inch straps offers better security than smaller sizes, helping ensure that your cargo won't shift as you drive down the road.


3. Increased Durability – Due to their wider design and construction, 4 inch straps are much more durable than thinner alternatives, giving you more bang for your buck over time.



4. Ease of Use – Installing and removing 4 inch straps is quick and easy with the right equipment like ratchet handles and tensioners. This makes it simple to adjust the tension on each strap as needed during loading and unloading operations.


Features and advantages of 4 inch straps for flatbed


Using 4 inch straps for flatbed trucks offers a number of advantages over other types of straps. They are incredibly strong and reliable, making them perfect for hauling heavy cargo. They are also lightweight and easy to work with, meaning you can get your job done faster. Plus, they provide superior protection against shifting cargo and come in a variety of sizes to fit any size load.


The features of 4 inch straps for flatbed make it the ideal choice for flatbed truckers. These straps have a tensile strength rating that is up to six times stronger than standard tie-downs, so you can be sure that your cargo will stay secure during transit. The ratchet system makes them easy to use and adjust as needed, allowing you to quickly adjust the tension on the strap without having to stop and re-tie it every time.



The wide webbing design also helps minimize wear on the strap material itself and provides better support for heavier loads by distributing pressure evenly across its surface area. Additionally, 4 inch straps for flatbed come with adjustable end fittings which let you customize their length according to your needs so that they’re always able to fit securely around your load.



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