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Home icon Product icon icon 75mm 3T Yellow polyester flat webbing lifting sling
75mm 3T Yellow polyester flat webbing lifting sling

75mm 3T Yellow polyester flat webbing lifting sling

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Products Description

  Place of Origin
  Type   Webbing sling
  Material    Polyester
  Shape   Flat
  Lifting eye type   Flat eye
  Lifting capacity   3-Ton
  Color   Yellow
  Width   75mm
  Length   Customized Length
  Working temp   From -40ºC to 100ºC



Important advice for safe lifting:

1.Do not exceed Working Load Limit.

2.Do not use sling if tag is removed.

3.Inspect sling for damage before each use.

3.Do not use sling if there is any sign of a cut cover, snagging, heat or chemical damage, excessive wear, damaged seams, any other defects or presence of grit, abrasive materials or other deleterious material.

4.Do not tie knots in sling.

5.Protect sling from sharp edges of load.

6.Do not expose sling to temperatures above 90°C.

7.Do not allow abrasive or other damaging grit to penetrate the fibers.

Keep away from strong alkali and phonetic compounds.



Suitable for oil pipelines, large diameter thin-walled pipes and product hoisting.

The balance is stable during the lifting process.


It has good wear resistance and can be partially or fully adhered to wear-resistant coatings.

*For small order quantity,we can send them to you by express delivery,TNT,DHL,UPS OR EMS etc.

*For big order quantity,we will advise you to use Air Shipping or Sea Shipping through your nominated forwarder agent or long-term cooperated agent

*Freight collect if bulk shipment



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